With more than 15 years of experience, and over 600 employees, eWave is the leading software and integration provider in Israel. We offer a wide range of solutions, tailored to our customer needs, including:

Modern Web Sites, Marketing and UX, eCommerce, Self Service, Web Application (SPA),  Search, Mobile, Social, Intranet and Portals, Legacy Systems, CMS and Data Migration.

eWave servers a wide range of business in the private, public and government sectors in many areas:

Finance, Telecomm, Media, Health, Government, Retail, Hi-Tech, Tourism, Industry and Transportatio.

eWave specialty is in developing large scale integrated Internet and Intranet solutions which bring your organization data into the world in a secured and reliable way.

For more information, visit www.ewave.co.il

Role in the project

eWave is the leader of WP5  that include integration and deployment of the CONNECARE system.

eWave takes also the role of  the CONNECARE product manager and responsible for gathering product requirements, determining development priorities, defining versions plan, controlling versions timelines and leading technical integration plans in the project.

eWave is also leading the integration and interoperability tasks regarding the Assuta pilot in Israel

The eWave Team

Shauli Nakar – Co-CEO at eWave

Shauli Nakar has acquired his professional training as information system engineer at the Technion, where he also started his career as project manager.

He then worked for several years as senior project manager at Semicom Lexis and Retalix.

Shauli joined eWave in 2006 and has climbed his way up from project management to running the .NET division and from VP marketing and sales to CEO, a position which he shares with Tiran Hay. Shauli is focused mainly on eWave’s business management.

Matti Karagach is a director of project management at eWave.

With 15 years of experience as a systems analyst, product manager, project manager and project management director, Matti led, defined and managed complex IT and integration projects include BO systems, operation systems, SaaS applications, eCommerce websites, eHealth systems and more.

Matti also led a group of project managers in the PHP department at eWave.

Currently, he is participating in the H2020 CONNECARE as a project and product manager.