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VitalinQ is a health portal for individuals, a Personal Health Assistant, focused on Personalised Nutrition, combined with exercise and awareness. It provides advice and information about how to live a healthier live, taken into account one’s specific lifestyle preferences, cronical diseases and own choices. All this made accessible through a platform and apps, aiming to support people in a fun way and scientifically based.

The VitalinQ team consists of ICT experts, dietician and physiotherapists and is supported by universities, hospitals and well known knowledge institutes in the Netherlands and Europe.

VitalinQ is part of a network to works together with institutes like University of Groningen (RUG), Academic Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and Healthy Aging network Northern Netherlands (HANNN).

It has been declared as reference site of active and healthy aging…

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Role in the project

VitalinQ as daughter company of IP Health Solutions takes eHealth to a higher level by supplying the user digital tools enabling full ownership over one’s own health. IP Health Solutions offers users a helping and guiding hand by giving expert advice in the areas of nutrition, exercise, community, labour and awareness. All users are guided in a very accessible way to a healthier lifestyle. All advice is based on their own personal data, current health status, and personal preferences. This all done on a scientifically based path which is continually updated by our dietitians, physical therapists, and other professionals. All our customers can be sure that they get specific and up-to-date advice for their situation.

IP Health Solutions’s role in the CONNECARE project is the development of the front-end of the Self Management System (SMS) app. Moreover, we take the lead in the business case development and are part of the Dissemination and Exploitation Board.

Next to CONNECARE is IP Health Solutions is partner in another EU-Horizon 2020 project namely MY-AHA concerning My Active and Healthy Ageing. IP Health also participates in a PPS consortium on Personalized Nutrition & Health with others including, Wageningen University, TNO, Philips, Ahold, and Friesland Campina and is partnering with the Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN).

The VitalinQ team

Hille Meetsma (male) Director/founder of IP Health Solutions is an ICT and Sales executive and visionary since 30 years. After a Polytechnic study at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and a master in business administration (program Strathclyde), He started his commercial Company in sports related ICT. Since 2000 active in healthcare, nutritional (dietetic) and exercise (physiotherapy) in an international environment working together with international companies. His sales skills made his Company the number 1 in the Benelux for dietetic solutions and a starting Company in Denmark/Copenhagen. Since 2013 active in several EU-FP7/Horizon2020 projects as project leader for IP Health Solutions. The (closed) FP7 projects: Irohla (about health literacy); Qualify (about nutrition and health, including biomarkers and nutrigenomics). To present Horizon2020 projects my-active and healthy ageing (about frailty, early detection of dementia and Alzheimer etc) and Connecare (chronic diseases and integrated health. In all of the projects the basic front-end, databases or partly functionality of IPHealth is included.

Katrien van Scherpenzeel (female) is chief scientific officer (CSO) of IP Health Solutions. She is a Food scientist from Wageningen University, and subsequently followed different courses like Nutritional biochemistry and translational nutrigenomic science (Manuka Science); several nutrition courses (Wageningen University) and courses related to performing clinical trials (Personal Health Information Act, Biosafety, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and Ethics). She has been working in an international environment as Research assistant, Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN), University of Manitoba where she screened participants in TMPLR clinical trial (lifestyle, genetics, and microbiota interaction and association with chronic health conditions in Manitobans); Nutricia Research as senior product technologist, Advanced Medical Nutrition where she managed and executed multiple product development projects consisting of project and stakeholder management, product and process design, formulation, pilot and factory testing, and operational implementation; Project leader product development for Nestle France; and more. Her skills and knowledge are used in her present job as CSO to lead the further development of the health- and disease related tools of IPHealth, including the project management of the EU – projects. IPHealth is included in an international research organization about personalised nutrition and health, funded by the Dutch government. Commercial international companies like Philips, Marks and Spencer, Ahold, etc. are included and she will lead the scientific commercial part for IPhealth.

Vincent Weijers (male) is the Chief Technology officer, is educated on the polytechnic university Hanzehogeschool in Groningen in analytic studies. He works since ten years together with Hille Meetsma creating innovative eHealth tools for health (personal and work-related). His skills and knowledge were used in Quera (Questionnaire RisQ Analysis) to get insight in the health of a Company based on the health score of employees. His analysis skills and ability to create technical and functional documents were used in innovative software for dietitians (market leader). This experience found its way to design the databases and services of VitalinQ, a product of IP Health Solutions where self-management, inclusion of lifestyle related diseases and biomarkers. Vincent was active in to EU-FP7 projects as internal database designer. For Connecare, an EU-Horizon2020 project he is internal project coordinator for a smart management system that includes several apps and functionality.

Ruurd Zwigt (male) is Chief Software Architect of IPHealth and specialized in ICT, development and User centric design from the Polytechnical University NHL in Friesland. He is familiar with developing and testing skills like Price2, .NET, Java, SQL, etc. he is manager of the development team and coordinates the external design and development partners. In earlier Eu-FP7 project Irohla he coordinated the internal change management of the results of this projects in field labs. For EU-FP7 Qualify he was internal project coordinator for the development of API’s, content based advices and more. At this moment Ruurd is internal coordinator for EU-Horizon2020 project  My-AHA, my active and healthy ageing about frailty, early detection etc. where he integrates the tools of IPHealth in the health platform of this project. Also he is responsible for the design and development of smart-tv solutions for elderly people for self-management.