Project Board meeting in Tel Aviv, January 2018

From 16th to 18th Janaury 2018 we held our project board meeting in Tel Aviv. This was kindly hosted by our partners in the Assuta Medical Center. On 17th January we were hosted at their fantastic new hospital the Assuta Ashdod Medical Center.

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Eurecat to Speak at Innovation in Public Health Event, Lille

Currently in Europe one of the biggest challenges is adapting policies and strategies to meet the demands of demographic change, rising chronic disease prevalence and increasing health inequalities. Prevention is the best tool to have an active and healthy population and that it is the best strategy to fight health inequalities. The Innovation in Public [...]

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Eurecat to Speak at XPatient Barcelona Congress

The XPatient Barcelona Congress is a key event that impacts on the sectors involved in changing the patient care model, which has the patient as the key focus. The congress will present the conclusions drawn from the workshops and activities of the Community of practice XPatient Barcelona, ​​the medical community will be invited to participate in the results, [...]

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UNIMORE Presents Paper at Workshop on Health Recommender Systems

The ACM Recommender Systems conference (RecSys) is the premier international forum for the presentation of new research results, systems and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems. Recommendation is a particular form of information filtering, that exploits past behaviors and user similarities to generate a list of information items that is personally tailored to [...]

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European Project, ICT4Life Releases Latest Newsletter

ICT4Life is developing tailored solutions for people affected by Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other dementias to provide new services for integrated care employing user friendly ICT tools. By using ICT4Life both patients and caregivers might increase their quality of life and extend their autonomy at their own homes. Moreover, it connects patients, caregivers and professionals to [...]

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GA Meeting a Success

The Royal Society of Medicine in London played host to the second General Assembly meeting of the CONNECARE consortium.  The meeting was held June 26-28 and attended by participants from each member organisation.  The meeting was a great success and gave the participants a chance to discuss the progress of the project, and plans for [...]

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Assuta to Speak at GCIC 2018

The Global Conference on Integrated Care (GCIC) 2018 is an international conference that will bring together clinicians, health and social care professionals and practitioners, and policymakers from around the world to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and innovations in integrated care delivery. The conference will be used as a platform to look beyond the immediate horizon, [...]

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CONNECARE Collaborates With Polycare Project

The CONNECARE consortium is pleased to announce that it is now working closely with the Polycare Project, another European-funded project. POLYCARE is a H2020 European project, and has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Nº 690367. The project proposal was submitted to the PHC-25 Advanced ICT [...]

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Eurecat to Speak at 14th IEEE ICNSC: May 2017

IoT and Smart Healthcare The 2017 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control will be held in Calabria, Southern Italy. This conference will provide a remarkable opportunity for the academic and industrial communities to address new challenges and share solutions, and discuss future research directions. It will feature plenary speeches, panel sessions, tutorials, workshops, [...]

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CONNECARE Develops Strong Links with ICT4Life

The CONNECARE consortium is pleased to announce that it has developed strong links with another European Project, ICT4Life. As with CONNECARE, ICT4Life works to improve quality of life of patients affected by chronic conditions by assisting their independent living at home. More About ICT4Life ICT4Life is a three-year project financed by Horizon 2020, the EU [...]

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